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Saturday, April 5, 2014

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

India top 5 blogs

Top 10 indian bloggers and their Adsense Income
Gone are the days when businessmen were 40 something gold chain laden persons with a fat belly to show off. Meet the new breed of millionaires who are 20 something bloggers writing blog posts in their pyzamas and earning millions. They are their own bosses and don’t need to get instruction from anyone . They can work at whatever time they wish to work and can fool around rest of the time with their hobbies.
Check out the list of top 10 bloggers from india and their estimated adsense revenues : -
1 . Name  - Amit Agarwal
-:  Blog -
-:  Alexa Rank of –2000
-: Estimated Adsense Revenue per month – $ 36,000 / Month
About –In the year 2004  amit quit his lavish job at Goldman sachs and turned a full time blogger. He writes about software and internet tools. IIT passout amit now drives Honda CRV and lives life his size in New Delhi  the way he want, with his adsense and affiliate income.
2. Name –Amit Bhwanai
-:  Blog –
- : Alexa rank of – 4500
-: Estimated Adsense revenue – $15,000 Per Month
About –Amit bhawani started writing on his tech blog in year 2007 and pumped up different topics like career, health and travel in his blog. His blog has continuously jumped up in alexa ranking over due course of time. He now runs his own SEO firm in Hyderabad.
3. Name - Manisha Goswami
-: Blog -
-: Alexa Rank of – 10,000
-: Estimated Adsense Revenue - $8,000 / Month
About – Manisha Goswami is the pioneer of Govt jobs blogs in india. She started the blog in 2006 and is consistently writing 4-5 posts daily about Government Jobs notices in india. The total number of posts written till so far exceeds 10,000. Manisha’s blog currently have    Read more>>>>>>>>>

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

World Top 5 Richest person

Bill Gates – World’s Richest Man: The Top 5 Of The Forbes Billionaires List

By zaid lari
Bill Gate 1
Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates is back as the number one on the billionaires list with USD 72 billion! Now that is a whooping amount of money. With the Forbes out with its billionaires list, you realize it is reaching new heights every time compare with the previous year. So the current list consists of 1,645 billionaires with an aggregate net worth of $6.4 trillion. It has escalated up from $5.4 trillion a year ago. That’s a hell lot of money as we take a look at the planet’s top 10 richest men.
Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Microsoft Co-founder with the net value of USD 76 billion is the new number one in the richest list. He is back on top of the list after a gap of four years. Since last year he has seen a growth of USD 9 billion in his fortune. Bill Gates Gates has topped this list in 15 of the last 20 years.
Carlos Slim Helu
Carlos Slim
The telecommunications magnate Carlos Slim Helu slipped to the second position with USD 72 billion. The investor cum philanthropist is the Chairman and CEO of Telmex and América Móvil.
Amancio Ortega Gaona
Amancio Ortega
The founder of clothing line Inditex SA, and more synonymous as founder of fashion retail brand Zara, Spanish Amancio Ortega Gaona is ranked third with the fortune worth USD 64 billion.
Warren Buffett
Warren Buffet
The business mogul, investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett is ranked fourth with net value of USD 58.2 billion. He topped the list in 2008 followed and was third in 2011.
Larry Ellison
Larry Ellison
Co-founder and CEO of Oracle Corporation completes the top five of the Forbes Billionaires List. The net value of his fortune is USD 48 billion. He is the third American to make it to the top five behind Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.
The list also saw the entry of Casino giant Sheldon Adelson with USD 38 billion into the top ten since 2007 and Christy Walton was the only female inside the top ten with USD 36.7 billion.

World Top 5 profitable Companies